Introducing the Appleton!

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There are few things in life that I like more than being the first retailer to sell the patterns of amazing indie designers and today I got that ol' thrill once again. Jenny from Cashmerette has just come out with a fabuloso new wrap dress for curvy gals and if you are one of those aforementioned curvy gals, this thing will knock your socks off.

Imagine a world where your voluptuousness doesn't cause unseemly gaping in the front of your clothing. A world where you don't have to do an FBA because it is already built into the pattern. Dream no longer, sweet sewists - that world is here. Enter, the Appleton Dress.

All Cashmerette Patterns are professionally drafted and graded based on 3 separate blocks, in C/D cup, E/F cup and G/H cup sizes, so you will get a fantastic fit. Smaller than a C/D cup? No worries! There is a Small Bust Adjustment tutorial on every pattern.

Each pattern is thoughtfully designed with details to make the pattern comfortable, well-fitting and stylish, and has been tested on a wide range of curvy body types.

Sounds rad, non? I think this would look just smashing in some of our deluxe bamboo jersey

Continuing the radness: there will be Launch Party for the Appleton and Cashmerette Patterns as a whole at Grey's Fabric & Notions on Monday, October 12th, starting at 7pm. Be there or be square, lovelies!



A Nettie for Sewing Indie Month

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Hey y'all! I done sewed something.

I stitched up this Nettie Bodysuit the other day in honor of Sewing Indie Month, part deux.* I made quick work of this bad boy on my Coverlock 4.0, using my favorite new stitch: the three thread stretch overlock, pictured here. I'm also wearing some Ginger Jeans in these pix, so it's a Closet Case Files extravaganza up in this joint!  

I used this charcoal bamboo, which is pretty much the knit fabric of the gods. Seriously. So comfy, with just the right amount of stretch and the perfect weight. I really love this stuff.

This pattern went together very smoothly. I had tried it out a while ago using some nylon milliskin and a slightly lighter weight fabric for the lining. With two layers, it just didn't have the right amount of stretch for me, so into the recycle pile it went. Luckily, it was merely a fabric choice fail on my part and this one came out just the right size and feel.

It's not really noticeable in real life, but you may have seen that in a couple of the photos there is a bit of a funny divot on my side. It's where the shelf bra elastic goes across. It's really more of a front lining than a shelf bra, because it hits too low for that. Next time, I think I'll shorten it to right under the bust to add a little more support. More support is always better than less, in my opinion!

Speaking of support... you only have a couple more days to pick up your bundle here and get some awesome patterns while helping a worthwhile cause!

Take a look at the other rad sewists who are showing off their goods:

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  • Scruffy Badger Time
  • Thread Theory
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  • Workroom Social

    Ttfn, sweet sewists!

    *I was given free pdfs for my participation, but all opinions are my own, dudes.

    Sewing Indie Month, part deux

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    Sewing Indie Month is back with another astounding bundle! There are three different price tiers, all with lovely patterns for you to try - pay more to unlock new designs. I'm sewing up a little something from this bundle and will it posted on the 9th. Why not take a peek here, and tell us what you'd like to make?

    20% of the proceeds from the bundle benefit Women for Women, a group that helps women in poverty stricken and politically unstable areas learn new skills that will help them to improve their quality of life and that of those in their communities. Here's their awesome mission statement:

    In countries affected by conflict and war, Women for Women International supports the most marginalized women to earn and save money, improve health and well-being, influence decisions in their home and community, and connect to networks for support. By utilizing skills, knowledge, and resources, she is able to create sustainable change for herself, her family, and community.

    A worthwhile cause and a snazzy reward; add a discount code for a little ol' shop called Grey's Fabric and Notions and top it off with a sewalong contest and you have a recipe for success! 


    Are You Embroidery Curious?

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    Starting September 1st, all new sewing/embroidery machines are 20% off MSRP and all floor model sewing/embroidering machines are 15% off their lowest price.

    Embroidery machines are pretty hot in the sewing world right now, and with good reason: there are so many amazing designs out there that you can use to really make your project your own. Gone are the days when the only designs available were teddy bears holding blocks or geese wearing aprons (though I'm sure that there is at least one home embroiderer out there who could make apron-wearing geese fab if she put her mind to it.) 

    The barrier to entry for these machines (especially quality machines) has typically be quite high, but Pfaff has introduced a new beauty to help bring well-crafted combination embroidery/sewing machines to a wider audience. Enter: the Creative 1.5. This little lovely has an MSRP of $2000, which is by no means cheap. It is, however, quite a bit more approachable than this type of machine has been in the past. The top of the line Creative Sensation pro is a cool $11,000, the Creative 4.5 is $6700, and the Creative 3.0 is $4000. I personally do all my sewing on a Creative Performance named Violet, which was the forerunner to the 4.5 and she is my dream machine

    I know that there are a multitude of opinions out there about how much one should spend on a sewing machine and I will never tell someone to buy a machine that will be detrimental to them financially. That said, I do believe that one should invest in one's tools and that Pfaff machines give you a lot of bang for your buck. That's why we carry 'em!

    Pfaff has put together a video introducing the Creative 1.5 - starring Devon Iott from Miss Make. It will give you an idea of what to expect of a convertible machine and boy-o-boy does that Creative 1.5 look cute!!

    We also offer TruEmbroidery (for Mac) and 6D (for PC) software, two different suites of tools designed by Pfaff which will allow you to convert any drawing or logo to an embroidery file. QuickFont, which will convert any font to an embroidery-friendly design, can be downloaded here for FREEEEE. Woo!! 

    My personal favorite site to get embroidery designs is Urban Threads. They always have coolio freebies, too, like The Giving Bunny. It's a quick free pattern of a tiny, fluffy bunny that you stitch up and give out to anyone who needs an extra snuggle in his or her life. Who doesn't need extra snuggles? No one, that's who.


    National Sewing Month Machine Sale!

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    To celebrate National Sewing Month, which starts on September 1st, all new sewing/embroidery machines will be 20% off MSRP. All floor model sewing/embroidering machines will be 15% off their lowest price!

    Any new sewing/embroidery machine is 20% off MSRP. We usually have to special order these, as we don't have space for a lot of stock on hand, but they typically come in about a week.

    As far as floor models go, this means that our Smarter 140 will be $255, down from $350. Our computerized Smarter 260 will be $446.25, down from $800. Our Quilt Ambition will be $1020, down from $1400 and our Performance 5.0 will be down to $2295 from $3000.

    BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Pfaff is offering mail-in rebates on the following machines (both new and floor model):

    $200 off a Performance 5.0 
    $150 off an Expression 4.2
    $100 off an Expression 3.5

    $50 off a Quilt Ambition 2.0 

    There will also be a week of overlap with the serger sale, which ends on September 7th!

    Stay tuned for more details about machines and, as always, if you have any questions, drop me a line or give us a call at 617-338-GREY.


    Bombshell in Action

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    Hello, all!

    I just got back to Michigan from Florida, where we spent some time with my folks. It was pretty amazing - I got to go swimming for the first time pretty much since John and I went on our honeymoon seven years ago. At that point I was pretty into bikinis, but I think I've fully transitioned to the maillot lifestyle at this point. The Bombshell Swimsuit by Closet Case Files was a pretty fast project (thanks in part to my darling serger! All of our sergers remain on super-sale until September 7th). This version uses a poly/lycra that I got a yard of to sample, and it's pretty adorable, but seems to take longer to dry than the nylon/lycra milliskin that we use for our Watson Bra and Panty kits. However, I do get to wear cutie pie cherries, while the milliskin appears only to come in solids. I lined the suit with the heavy power mesh we carry by the yard in black and white (the lighter version recommended by Norma is in our bra kits) and it has a kind of miracle suit effect - snug, but not uncomfortable.

    In the first few pix I'm vamping it up with red lipstick, but by the last one I had fully succumbed to the power of the sea and had been a makeup-free (but still sunscreen obsessed) drowned rat for at least a week.

    We had a great time visiting my 'rents (I even got to drive a boat!) and can't wait until they officially retire down to Florida! On our way back, we stopped for the night in Nashville and I got to meet the darling Lladybird. Post on that short adventure up next!

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    Tax Free Weekend!!!

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    I just learned that Massachusetts' Tax Free Weekend starts tomorrow: August 15th-16th. That means that any item below $2500 is free of the 6.25% MA sales tax. What a great time to buy a sewing machine, ladies and gents!

    We will have floor models on hand (and some more sergers on the way), but as long as you pay this weekend, you can special order anything that strikes your fancy. Yay!!

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