National Sewing Month Machine Sale!

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To celebrate National Sewing Month, which starts on September 1st, all new sewing/embroidery machines will be 20% off MSRP. All floor model sewing/embroidering machines will be 15% off their lowest price!

Any new sewing/embroidery machine is 20% off MSRP. We usually have to special order these, as we don't have space for a lot of stock on hand, but they typically come in about a week.

As far as floor models go, this means that our Smarter 140 will be $255, down from $350. Our computerized Smarter 260 will be $446.25, down from $800. Our Quilt Ambition will be $1020, down from $1400 and our Performance 5.0 will be down to $2295 from $3000.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Pfaff is offering mail-in rebates on the following machines (both new and floor model):

$200 off a Performance 5.0 
$150 off an Expression 4.2
$100 off an Expression 3.5

$50 off a Quilt Ambition 2.0 

There will also be a week of overlap with the serger sale, which ends on September 7th!

Stay tuned for more details about machines and, as always, if you have any questions, drop me a line or give us a call at 617-338-GREY.


Bombshell in Action

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Hello, all!

I just got back to Michigan from Florida, where we spent some time with my folks. It was pretty amazing - I got to go swimming for the first time pretty much since John and I went on our honeymoon seven years ago. At that point I was pretty into bikinis, but I think I've fully transitioned to the maillot lifestyle at this point. The Bombshell Swimsuit by Closet Case Files was a pretty fast project (thanks in part to my darling serger! All of our sergers remain on super-sale until September 7th). This version uses a poly/lycra that I got a yard of to sample, and it's pretty adorable, but seems to take longer to dry than the nylon/lycra milliskin that we use for our Watson Bra and Panty kits. However, I do get to wear cutie pie cherries, while the milliskin appears only to come in solids. I lined the suit with the heavy power mesh we carry by the yard in black and white (the lighter version recommended by Norma is in our bra kits) and it has a kind of miracle suit effect - snug, but not uncomfortable.

In the first few pix I'm vamping it up with red lipstick, but by the last one I had fully succumbed to the power of the sea and had been a makeup-free (but still sunscreen obsessed) drowned rat for at least a week.

We had a great time visiting my 'rents (I even got to drive a boat!) and can't wait until they officially retire down to Florida! On our way back, we stopped for the night in Nashville and I got to meet the darling Lladybird. Post on that short adventure up next!

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Tax Free Weekend!!!

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I just learned that Massachusetts' Tax Free Weekend starts tomorrow: August 15th-16th. That means that any item below $2500 is free of the 6.25% MA sales tax. What a great time to buy a sewing machine, ladies and gents!

We will have floor models on hand (and some more sergers on the way), but as long as you pay this weekend, you can special order anything that strikes your fancy. Yay!!

The Refashioners 2015 - My Cobalt Lace Shirt

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My main post for The Refashioners 2015 is over at The Makery, so go take a peek! Here are some pix to whet your appetite...

I used my favorite buttons, iridescent blue Czech glass shank ones, which are available here

Here are some lace pix! This cobalt color will be available in bra kits and by the yard very soon. For now, check out the other colors we've posted.

This challenge was so much fun and I encourage everyone to participate in the community challenge, not least of which because there are a boatload of amazing prizes on offer (including a $25 certificate to Grey's Fabric & Notions!!)

Camp Workroom Social

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What are your memories of camp, sweet sewists? I went to sleepaway gymnastics camp in the wilds of Pennsylvania every year and it was just the best. If only there were an adult equivalent, somewhere likeminded folks could get together away from the stresses of the outside world and work on their favorite hobby...

ENTER, CAMP WORKROOM SOCIAL. Brainchild of the amazing Jennifer from Workroom Social, this promises to be the sewing meet-up of the year.

Held in upstate New York at the Frost Valley Campsite, there is a free shuttle from Manhattan provided for all campers. When registering, you will select one of six tracks:

  • Dressmaking with Christine Haynes of Christine Haynes Patterns - only 2 seats remaining
  • Sewing Fashion for Kids with Erin Proud of Brooklyn Pattern Co. - only 3 seats remaining
  • Fit for Your Body and Style with Melissa Watson of Palmer/Pletsch and Melissa Watson for McCall’s - sold out
  • Patternmaking with Jen Beeman of Grainline Studio -sold out
  • Bra-making with Norma Loehr of Orange Lingerie - sold out
  • Jean-making with Heather Lewenza of Closet Case Files - sold out
  • BONUS CLASS! Loom Weaving with designer Whitney Crutchfield (available for all campers to attend)

There will be sewing of all kinds PLUS activities like archery, rock climbing, yoga, and zip lining. So much fun!

We're contributing goodies to the treat bags that Jennifer is providing to campers and have some snazzy little gifties planned. Eeep! The event is sponsored by Singer (sister brand to my beloved Pfaff) and machines will be provided for use. Read more about machines, attire, sleeping arrangements, meals, etc. here.

There are only a few spots left in this crafting oasis in the Catskills, so check out the schedule and sign up here.

Overlocker Month at Grey's

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Here at Grey's, we love Pfaff (go #teampfaff) sewing machines! They are an excellent value, make lovely stitches, and are a joy to sew on. You may know that we sell our classroom models. They come with a full manufacturer's warranty and free owner's class to show you how to use the features. 

Starting this month, we're adding a little more! We're going to feature a machine type and have an extra discount on it. First up are overlockers. This category contains our sergers and coverstitch machines. They're going to be and extra 20% off the lowest price until September 7th. Neat! The floor model discount applies to open box/classroom items, but you can always special order something that we don't currently have and get an instant 20% off of the MSRP. Here's what we have on hand:

The Pfaff Coverlock 3.0 Serger/Coverstitch Machine

This puppy has differential feed, two sewing speeds, and is easy to convert from a serger to a coverstitch (no need to change needle plates or feet!). It's MSRP is $1100 and the floor model price is $800, which means that through September 7th, it is only $640. Craziness!

Next up is the Pfaff Hobbylock 2.0. It's a great little machine for sewing knits or doing decorative overlocking. The MSRP is $500 and floor model price is $440. Sale price is a low low $320!!

Last in stock is the Singer Dedicated Coverstitch Machine. Singer is a sister brand to Pfaff (my heart belongs to Pfaff, of course!). This machine will allow you to do all the sexy topstitching you want on knits and wovens without having to switch your normal machine to a twin needle and back again. The MSRP on the dedicated coverstitch is $700, with a normal floor model price of $550. The super duper sale price is $440! This is also the only machine that we are able to ship, due to dealer restrictions.

We are also able to order the amazing Coverlock 4.0 machine, an electronic upgrade to the Coverlock 3.0. This is the machine that I personally own and I can attest that it is amazing. There are so many stitch options and it is a very smooth ride. Adjusting the stitch size and tension is all done on-screen and it even tells you what foot and needle position to use for your particular stitch. Amazing. I just love mine and you will love yours, too! MSRP is $1800 and sale price is $1440. It's a real gem.

Give us a buzz at 617-338-GREY or email me if you have any questions!

**PFAFF products may be purchased online, but MUST BE PICKED UP at the shop! All legitimate Pfaff dealers are contractually forbidden from shipping Pfaff branded merchandise. Singer products may be shipped.**

Saltbox for Sewing Indie Month

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Hello, cats and kittens. And humans, too, I guess. Today's post is a shirt that I whipped up for Sewing Indie Month. Mari from Seamster Patterns, the gal who is organizing this pattern feast, sent me some PDF patterns and I made the Saltbox, by Blueprints for Sewing - a brand whose printed patterns we proudly carry in the shop! 

SIM is similar to Perfect Pattern Parcel, in that you can name your price for a bevy of indie printables and 20% of the proceeds go to charity. This bundle will support the International Folk Art Alliance, which provides education and exhibition opportunities to folk artists from around the world, for example, creating stable, year-round livelihoods includes helping shelter women from domestic violence in Ecuador, building a school for children in Pakistan, empowering women in repressive cultures around the world, and feeding villages in Niger. 

I got some snazzy PDFs for my participation but all opinions on them are my own. If you like these patterns, then strike while the iron is hot, because they're only available in this format until August 12th. 

I was super excited to try the Saltbox and wanted to make a quick and satisfying tank for summer wear. Here is the pattern's designer, Taylor, in one of her versions:

The top is intended for two fabrics and while I love that look, I really REALLY wanted to use this deelishis rayon challis, which was burning a hole in my stash. This makes the seaming in the top much more subtle.  I think that is a good option if, like myself, you have one fabric in particular that you're dying to use, or if you just want the seaming in the top to speak for itself. I realize that mine might not look quite like the rest of the Saltboxes on the interwebs, but it's always good to know that you can get a different look from a pattern! I used the same print in a different colorway for the bias binding and could have used it for the contrast panels as well, but I just knew I would get more wear out of a single-print version.

I decided to style this in the manner in which I will wear it: over a bathing suit. The rayon is drapey and just perfect for this type of garment. I might make another one quite a bit longer as well to wear as more of a dress-length cover up. The sides have slits that are ideal for such a pattern variation.

I really love the subtle bateau neckline. It is very elegant and will also cover up the sunburn that INEVITABLY get on my chest. No matter how much sunscreen I think I have applied there, it is always one of my Pale Girl Pain Zones.

So, here I am prancing about (and by that, I mean standing in the only pose I can ever seem to perform):

Sadly, I'm wearing an old store-bought swimsuit. The last time I actually wore it was on my honeymoon 7 years ago. I need to make that Bombshell I bought forever ago, stat!!

What fabric would you make your Saltboxes out of, sweet sewists?

And don't forget to check out the other fine participants!

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