Coachella Shorts - Meow!

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Helllo lovelies! It's been a while since I posted anything, let alone an actual sewing project, but one of my mid-year resolutions (is that a thing? it is now!) is actually to shoot and blog more often. Here are some shorts I whipped up the other day using the Coachella Shorts Pattern by Striped Swallow Designs that just arrived in the shop and less than a yard of Anna Maria Horner linen/cotton home dec fabric in Domestic Cat, Aqua that just makes me so happy every time I see it. The waistband is 1" non-roll elastic.

I left the trimmings off the shorts, even though that is a big selling point for a lot of makers. It's really just not my gig, you know? You could use pompom trim (we're trying to find some for the shop) or ribbon, or even some sassy bias tape. I just happen to like mine simple, so don't feel that the pattern is only for bohemian free spirits. I do not consider myself either bohemian or a free spirit (the occasional #iamafreespirit hashtag on Instagram notwithstanding - that just means that I use Free Spirit fabric, after all!) I'm really more of a neurotic worrier, but I digress! Back to the pattern!

These shorts would make a great beginner's garment and they're also awesome for that little teensy bit of fabric that you keep saving because you love it, but that isn't big enough really to make anything with. I have another pair planned, for which I am prewashing the fabric tonight. I didn't prewash these, so I washed them carefully in Soak afterwards. I think I should be able to toss them in the washer after wearing because the fit is quite relaxed, but I ought to have prewashed. Autocorrect keeps wanting to turn "prewashed" into "preached". I am not a great prewasher, even though I always tell people to do it. Guess I need to practice what I preach.

Welp, here are some photos:

I'm wearing a bamboo lettuce-edge top I made a million years ago that is still treating me right and drinking a caipirinha from a fancy glass. I'm at my folks' house in VA right now. They're trying to sell it, so if you know anyone who needs a house outside DC, then have I got a deal for them!

And here's those shorts getting a good Soak.

ttfn, lovelies.

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Bra Class Recap

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Whew, time is flying! I can't believe it's been so long since our bra class.  Feels like it was just yesterday that I was in Boston, hanging out with these amazing ladies, who came from all over the country for our workshop:

Norma was the most amazing instructor. She is so knowledgeable (and uber-organized!) that she was able to address our questions and concerns with ease. Everyone worked so hard and came away with not only a finished and custom-fit bra, but the ability to make so many more. We were all pumped at the end of the workshop and ready to go home and sew some sassy brassieres!

And now some images, in no particular order. Sewing clear elastic to stabilize the top of the lace:

Cutting out our main body fabric. I love those 18mm rotary cutters to death!

Sewing the lace to the upper cup:

Expanding the back band:

Sewing the cup to the frame:

Mmm pretty lace!

I've made 2.5 more bras since I've been back in Michigan and I'm hoping to finish up that third one very soon. I also can't wait to start Norma's new panty patterns: the Montgomery Brief and the Kingston Thong. SO CUTE.

Thanks again to all who attended. We're hoping to make this a more regular occurrence chez Grey. You can buy Norma's book, Demystifying Bra Fitting and Construction, from us if you'd like to get started sewing underwire bras. It is an amazing resource. The Marlborough Bra pattern can be purchased directly from her and be sure to check out her blog here.

Pix from the party and cocktail recipe to follow!

Invitation to a Cocktail Party

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Hello, lovelies. I'm writing to invite you all to a cocktail party at the shop on Saturday April 25th, starting at 5pm. We'll have adult beverages, non-adult beverages, tasty treats, and a 15% discount off everything in the store to say thank you to each and every one of you just for being you. That includes floor model sewing machines. What a steal!! So come visit on Saturday night. We'll have a smashing good time and drink several Soutien Gorgeouses. I'll share the recipe after the party! See you soon, beautiful ones.

April is National Greyhound Adoption Month

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As you know, greyhounds are near and dear to my heart. I can't imagine life without our two 45 MPH couch potatoes, which is why we donate all the proceeds from our Taza Chocolate products to greyhound rescue. They're seriously the best dogs (especially for apartments) and if you're in the market for a canine companion, why not make a fast friend?! (See what I did there?)

We adopted our puppers from Greyhound Friends, but also in MA are Amazing GreyzGreyhound Rescue of New EnglandGreyhound Adoption ServiceGreyhound Pets of America MA, and Greyhound Options. Check out The Greyhound Project for a rescue near you!

As if the stars had aligned JUST for Greyhound Adoption Month, Crafty Fox Caitlin has demonstrated her watercolor prowess in capturing our two little puppyhounds, Spindle and Dart. Please have a look at her amazing artwork, like this fawn grey in pastels. I think it's greyhounds'  soulful eyes that really made me fall in love, and she captures them just perfectly. I also love her Instagram, featuring Jack Russells Pogue and Henry. SO CUTE.


If you're looking for a pet, consider a greyhound. I know you won't regret it! Now if you'll excuse me, I have two sweet doggers to go snuggle. TTFN.



Visiting Boston

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I know that some of you are coming from the far reaches of the galaxy for our little bra class (EXTRAVAGANZA) and Ashley has helped me compile this list of accommodations in our fair town. Thanks, Ashley!

There are certainly a wealth of fancy-pants hotels in Boston proper, but the most charming (and affordable) options seem to be AirBnB sites and small inns. Why not make it into an old-fashioned sleepover and share a room with a friend?

Under $200/night

Over $300/night

Folks have also asked about parking in the South End, which can sometimes be tricky. There are several pay lots in the vicinity of the shop: 450 Harrison offers free 90 minute parking which wouldn't quite be sufficient for an 8 hour day, so I'd probably recommend the lot at 500 Harrison which is $17 per day. I also just discovered a site called Parkopedia that has info on local garages and lots! Pretty neat.

***Parking update!*** 
Our building's management company just told me that parking will be free for my guests that weekend (just not overnight) in the 450 Harrison Lot, accessed from Albany street! Great news!

All for now - I'll post again soon with more info on outings and activities!

Bra Workshop with Norma Loehr!

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Omg, you guys. I can’t believe this is really happening. We’re having a fancy-lady bra workshop with the amazing designer of the amazing Marlborough Bra, Norma Loehr. It’s happening on April 25th & 26th from [...]

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Watson Update

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Hey y’all.  I’m here today with more info about some of our bra kits. I have personally had very good luck with them, but I realize that our descriptions have [...]

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