Bra Workshop with Norma Loehr!


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Omg, you guys. I can’t believe this is really happening. We’re having a fancy-lady bra workshop with the amazing designer of the amazing Marlborough BraNorma Loehr. It’s happening on April 25th & 26th from 9am-5pm and it’s going to be a doozy. We’re learning to sew and fit two bras with an expert in the field and I, for one, can’t wait. The pattern, materials, sewing machine, and tool use are included along with snacks, goodie bags, lunch in the South End on both days, and a swanky cocktail party. We’ll be using the Marlborough pattern, which comes in sizes ranging from 30A to 40DD.

And the best part? I’ll be coming in from flyover land to join you!! Ok, maybe the actual class is the best part, but I’m sure that my smiling face will be, like, at least second best, right? Right?

Painted in Waterlogue

Drop me a line if you have any questions and I hope to see you there, sweet bra-making sewist!

Watson Update


Feb 11, 2015 8 Comments

Hey y’all.  I’m here today with more info about some of our bra kits. I have personally had very good luck with them, but I realize that our descriptions have left some crucial information out.  Apologies, sweet sewists!

The Watson pattern does call for a spandex lace and I chose to go instead with a lace that only has mechanical give. I did this because I found that the support I got from it was better and thought that the lace itself was just so lovely – prettier than most of the wholesale lace that I’ve come across. I’ve used it as an all-over fabric as well as just on the cups and have liked both results (it’s not recommended for the panty back – just the front panel.) HOWEVER – if you want that extra stretchy feel and have used extra stretchy fabrics to muslin your garment, you will probably be unhappy with the lace version that we currently offer.

In this case, I’d recommend the milliskin version, which uses 90% nylon, 10% spandex for the entire bra and panty for a smooth look and feel.

Now let’s talk tricot. In early versions of the kit, we included 15 denier tricot to stabilize the bridge/frame area. We eventually found that this caused too much wrinkling and puckering between the layers and have since started recommending that folks double up on the mesh instead, since the stretch will cause fewer wrinkles while still adding some support. The same goes for the milliskin band – doubling up on the milliskin has thus far given the best results.

Amy has done some revisions to her pattern and now also seems like a good time for us to revisit what’s in the kits. Have you hated the lace? Received any miscut pieces? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? We’re all ears! Well, ears and bosoms.

Sew the Show with Alida Makes


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Hey y’all! Guess what? We’re helping to sponsor ANOTHER sewing challenge! I really love doing these; they have all the fun of a contest without the pressure of judges. Win-win, in my opinion. This one is from Alida Makes and it’s called Sew the Show: making your Netflix subscription work for you since 2015.

sewtheshowthw-550x997The idea is to get sewing inspiration from fashionable ladies and gents on the small screen and I think it’s tops. This month’s show is The Honourable Woman, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, and I had never heard of it before. I’m very glad to be exposed to both new sewing inspo (is that an abbreviation the people use anymore? also, is it super annoying? hmm.) and great programming at the same time. If you’re looking for pattern ideas, check out this post that Alida whipped up. There is a Facebook community page for the group here.

We’re contributing black chiffon, black touch o’ gold interfacing, and dark shell buttons for a chic Maggie-inspired blouse.

What will you make for this challenge, sweet sewists? I’m thinking of tackling a delicate lingerie-inspired cami from chiffon and some of our amazing lace. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Ginger 4: all the Gingers I adore


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Here’s my latest project: HEART BUTT GINGER JEANS! I decided to use one of our snazzy new red zippers and red bar tacks on this pair, along with Hello Kitty Liberty Lawn pocketing that I had leftover from this Archer Shirt oh so long ago. The hearts (from Urban Threads) just seemed to fit with the theme. I’ve never really considered myself a “heart” person. Stars and unicorns, sure, but hearts? Too cutesy. I guess I’m just getting sentimental in my old age. They stitched up beautifully on Violet (my Pfaff Creative Performance) with some tear-off stabilizer and my trusty magnetic embroidery hoop (I’ll tell y’all more about that little beauty in a future post). I interfaced them with Prima woven interfacing afterwards.

I lengthened the crotch (adding a bit more curve) on this pair to help get rid of some of the frown lines appearing in that area and it seems to have worked.

ginger4 4 ginger4 3 ginger4 2 ginger4 1

This is a slightly lighter weight denim than my last two pairs; it should arrive in the shop very soon. The next exciting denim project that we have in the pipeline is the Crafty Fox Denim Kit! It will have two yards of wide denim, a pack of 5 topstitching needles, a pack of 5 denim needles, topstitching thread, a deluxe YKK zipper, a bit of interfacing, a jeans button, and a set of 10 rivets all for $45. We should be getting these together in the next week or so, if all goes according to plan, so stay tuned!!denim kit

Crazy Dog Lady: Who, ME?!


Feb 2, 2015 contest 1 Comment

Ok so you may or may not know how much I obsess over greyhounds: mine, random strangers on Instagram, etc. I just adore them. It’s why we donate all the profits from our Taza Chocolate sales to greyhound rescue. They’re lovely animals who are terribly mistreated by the racing industry.

ANYHOW, all that is to say that it was no surprise to me when Tanya contacted me about helping to sponsor a sewing challenge that she, Carlee and Sophie-Lee are hosting: The Crazy Dog Lady Sewing Challenge. Miss Crayola Creepy started this trend with the Crazy Cat Lady Sewing Challenge and I’m glad that we puppy-crazies are now being adequately represented in the sewing world.

crazy dog lady 800 jpeg

Our contribution is two yards of my favorite doggie fabric and a Fox & Hound tee, which will be for sale for charity soon.

I hope to be sewing along with y’all, too. I think that I might need a Charlotte Skirt in that dog fabric, á là Hyer Handmade

Serger Sale & February Hours


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First up: new hours. Our darling Katy of Katy & Laney fame has moved to fancy-pants Brooklyn and until we find that special someone to take over Mondays, we’re going to be closed on them. Here’s the deets:


Next order of business: Serger sale!!IMG_7433


The intro model in Pfaff’s overlock line is the Hobbylock 2.0 and it is a straight serger. MSRP on this machine is $550 and our normal floor model price is $450. For the month of February, it’s down to $400! Wowzers. This is the machine we use most for everyday serging – it has 15 stitches, differential feed, and a free arm for tight spaces like cuffs and collars.



The next machine in the line is the Coverlock 3.0. It’s an all mechanical model with an MSRP of $1100.  This month it’s down to $800. This bad boy sews 1100 stitches per minute and can easily be converted from a plain overlock to a coverstitch machine. Nifty!



The pinnacle of Pfaff’s overlock machines is the electronic Coverlock 4.0. This is the machine that I have and it is a real gem. It’s got 25 stitches, which is honestly more than I personally need, but a girl likes to have options, you know? It’s equally smooth and deelishis as an overlock or a coverlock and actually easy to convert between the two. The MSRP on this beaut is $1800, but during February ours is down to $1100. If you fancy needing a overlock and a coverlock, but don’t have the space for a dedicated coverstitch machine, then this is an awesome choice. Can you tell that I love mine??114122e2-408c-4ea5-b0a1-31c04a680056


Remember, all Pfaff products MUST be picked up in-store. We are contractually forbidden from shipping them.

On the other hand, if you need a coverstitch machine and don’t live in the Boston metro area, might I suggest our Singer Dedicated Coverstitch Machine? This machine is normally $700, but during this special it’s down to $550 and may be shipped directly to your door. It has four different coverstitches for your finishing pleasure and sews up to 1100 stitches per minute. Speedy!product_full_700x520-5c29f44e78376cd6f167e43a958b2d6d0d48fa59


Feel free to swing by any time (but not on a Monday, for now!) and take a peek at these little lovelies. You’ll be glad you did!

Job Opening!


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Greetings, dear sewists!

You may have heard that we are looking for a part-time sewing guru and all-around customer service champ! Currently, this is a one day a week gig, namely Mondays from 12-7. Here’s the rundown:

Friendly, empathetic, and courteous

The best employee will be able to identify with customers and their needs and help them to be their most creative and awesome selves!

Passionate about sewing and able to provide exemplary sewing/fabric advice to customers

You don’t have to sew couture, but you do have to be able to recommend the correct supplies and fabrics for a customer’s project so that he/she visits again!

Able to multi-task

Juggling customers, phones, and classes can be stressful, and the right candidate isn’t easily flustered when his/her attention is pulled in several directions.


You know, since there’s money and products involved and we want to stay in business.

We’d like you to have at least 5 years of sewing experience.  We also offer sewing lessons and you may be required to provide instruction to individuals and/or groups.

Having retail experience is not explicitly necessary; the ideal applicant will be able to communicate clearly and effectively with a variety of individuals by actively listening and empathizing with their needs.

Please send your letter of interest, resume, photos of your work, and/or other applicable media to Sarah. We only have one spot open right now, but we’d love to get to know you all! Come to Crafty Foxes on Wednesday nights from 5-8!

Juno What??


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…and maybe Wednesday, depending on how much snow Winter Storm Juno wants to dump on the Boston metro area. Stay tuned, sweet sewists. In the meantime, we have new Watson Kits up on the site and they’re going like hotcakes, so take a peek at your earliest convenience.

<3 sarah

***UPDATE: looks like the mayor is requesting folks stay in so the snow removal process can continue unhindered, so we’re closed Wednesday. Use the code “JUNOWHAT” for free US shipping today, January 28th.***


Ginger Jeans III: Rise of the Ginger Jeans


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Here’s my third pair of Gingers! I bet you can tell from the title what I altered this time: that’s right boys and girls, it’s the rise! I’m still ironing out the kinks in the crotch and waistband, but this pair is a lot closer to my RTW jeans. I used this stretch denim and I really love it. Pretty much the perfect weight for me!

ginger swallows2

ginger swallows1

Here I am being skeptical about my pocket placement, but turns out that I like it! I can put the back rivets on tonight. My first rivet go-round was a massive fail because 1. I didn’t trim the posts down 2. I didn’t use a very good, hard surface upon which to hammer and 3. I hammered from the back not the front. So avoid these and you should be good to go for rivets. We’ll have some up in the shop very soon.

ginger swallows5

Love these pockets! Urban Threads has some really cute designs. I used this baroque swallow tattoo one (and I may have accidentally named the image files “ginger swallows” ut-oh – can’t wait to see what search results land people here :/)

ginger swallows4

And here is me in a still-unreleased Fox & Hound charity tee. I really need to get those out!

ginger swallows3

All for now, sweet sewists. John’s away at an interview in the Great Frozen North, so I’m on my own for the next couple of days. My plan: snuggle puppyhounds, eat bachelor-y type food, drink some beer, and sew some Watsons!