That’s right, I made my own jeans.


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And you can, too! There are some things that I’ve always said were best left to the professionals: bras, jeans. Oh, how the worm has turned. Now, I’m a bra-making FIEND! Between the Marlborough, the Watson, and copying one of my favorite RTW bras, I’ll probably have enough to last me until endtimes.

And so one seemingly only-store-buyable item gateways into another: jeans. The Ginger Jeans pattern from Closet Case Files is super rad. I made the high-waisted; I’ve been wanting a pair for a long time – trying to emulate Katy, methinks. I love the pair I made, though I think it’s a somewhat limited applicability item for me – I’m just more comfortable in mid-rise. But that may change once I get more used to these! I haven’t had high jeans since high school. There was a fit from The Gap called “Reverse Fit” which meant high and tight at the waist, loose through the thighs, and tapered. I thought I was just the bee’s knees in those things. They were pretty much Mom Jeans, but I thought they were swell. Oh, the 90’s! Nevermind that – let’s see my Gingers! I had John take a bunch of pix, but somehow my pose looks exactly the same in all of them, so here’s my fave:


I used our lightweight stretch denim from Robert Kaufman (which is somewhat lighter than my normal jeans, but VERY easy to wear!) and some scrap Art Gallery fabric by Leah Duncan for the pockets. I’m getting some more denim samples soon, so we’ll see if they are good enough for us to carry in the shop! Fingers crossed!

The part that most intimidated me was the fly, but Heather’s directions were top notch and I think it came out quite well! The fabric was stretchy enough that I had to take the sides in a couple inches, but I’m glad that I didn’t make a smaller size, because it would have been too small on my giant calves.

The shoes are Frye Carson Pumps, but I’ll probably be wearing boots with them most of the time. An x-mas elf told me I might be getting some sassy cowgirl boots to fit that bill. And of course, no outfit would be complete without a Crafty Foxes Sewing Club tee shirt. Ok, not really, but it is pretty cute. Get yours today!

I’ve really missed doing outfit posts, so hopefully this will kickstart me into getting my sorry butt photographed again. It was nice enough to do it outside today – I have an awful time getting the lighting ok indoors. Any suggestions for improvement on that front are welcome!


Grey’s Great Holiday Gift Guide: for Non-Sewists


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So probably not every single one of your friends is into sewing. Your New Year’s Resolution can be to convert them, but in the meantime, we have stuff that even non-sewists will dig!

1. Blue Q pouches and bags. This cutie pie Parisian shopper and Ye Olde Cell Phones zipper pouch are popular with a wide range of sewing and non-sewing individuals. And Blue Q is located in Massachusetts! Bonus!


2. Taza chocolate! Who doesn’t love chocolate? This stuff is potent and absolutely amazing. Made in Somerville using time honored stone ground techniques, this is sure to be a hit. It has a totally different mouthfeel than your average bar and I have a hard time going back to “normal” chocolate now. And did we mention that all profits go to greyhound rescue??

CacaoPuroStacked SeaSaltAlmond

3. Maybe your friend is some other manner of Crafty Fox; help him/her out with this useful book on taking the best photos. 56f122547ab0686eed8ca56453132dbe_large

4. Is he or she into vintage stuff? Try this cute little vintage McCall’s notebook!


5. It may be a winter wonderland (or whatever) outside, but I’m guessing that it hasn’t been kind to folks’ fingers and toesies. Anyone would be happy to get a super-concentrated and deelishis smelling hand cream, Handmaid, from the folks that bring us Soak Wash!


6. And finally, a little metal case with kittens on it.  Sublime Stitching designed these for embroidery tools, but they’d be perfect for cash, cards, or whatever! Also, KITTENZ.


See, non-sewists, we love you too. Almost as much as we love your sewing friends. Almost.

Haptic Lab Quilt Kits


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We just got in one of the coolest products ever: the extremely popular and lovely quilt patterns from Haptic Lab. In the package you get a full-sized iron on transfer of the geographic region of your choice and directions for making it into the most memorable quilt ever. We got Boston (of course!), the Northern Hemisphere Constellations, USA, and World Map designs. Fabric and batting and whatnot are sold separately so that you can choose your unique background. One day I hope we’ll carry all the cities. What a great gift this would make – either sewn up or just as a kit ready to go for that special sewist in your life. Feast your eyes:







Northern Hemisphere Constellations



The Constellations on Art Gallery Nocturnal with a backing of Art Gallery Cabernet is calling to me! What combination would you use?


Grey’s Great Holiday Gift Guide – for quilters


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As y’all know, I’m a garment sewist, but I do have a quilter in the family, my lovely mother, and she has approved all these picks for the quilting folks on your list. Without further ado, our Quilter’s Gift Guide:

1.  Quilting Modern, a fab book of modern quilting projects for those who want to take their stitchery in new directions.


2. Omniedge lipped ruler: essential for getting straight lines, since it hooks to the side of your mat and gives you perfect cuts every time!


3. Retractable Olfa ergonomic rotary cutter in the most useful size. I love how you can click the red button to keep the blade out or just squeeze the handle so that it retracts when you’re done.


4. Wonder Clips – awesome for attaching bindings!


5. Precuts of all kinds. We have charm squares online and a wider selection of fat quarter bundles and singles in the shop.


6. Modern Patchwork Magazine. So pretty! So modern! So wow!


7. Pins, always. These glass headed ones don’t melt when ironed. A favorite among sewists of all stripes!  J2ah067mVsWjbUKm

8. Sewing charms. Cuteness! Quilt squares, buttons, rotary cutters, and more. Was anyone else annoyed when they got rid of the Monopoly iron? well this little charm can take its place.


9. Two words: ROTARY MAT.



Small Biz Saturday Sale


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Hello to all! I just wanted to drop a line to tell you about our Small Business Saturday Party and Sale, happening all day on November 29th. Since it’s a day affair, it probably won’t be quite as boozy as our normal shindigs, but there will be punch and probably mimosas and definitely cookies and other goodies, including free tote bags and other cool Small Biz Sat stuff.


All attendees will also get an automatic Crafty Foxes discount on all purchases (except machines – even better deal on those detailed below) which means 10% off all stuff! Stock up now, my pretties.

This is an extra special time to get a machine for yourself or for a loved one, since the Ambition Essential is on sale for $599 all month and the Smarter Line is on sale the 28th and 29th. The Smarter 140 is down to $240 (floor model $220) and the Smarter 160 is $279 (floor model $260) These machines are normally $300 and $350 respectively, so this is a pretty snazzy promotion.

To recap:

  • November, Essential on sale for $599
  • 28th and 29th, Smarters on sale for $240 and $279
  • 29th, 10% off all other merch

Bra Kits Have Arrived


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Look how cute they are!! There are swatches of the fabrics on the envelope. Check them out online here.  Right now we only have black and white + different sizes and laces, but if all goes according to plan, we’ll have a whole range of colors plus the supplies outside of the kits! Woohoo! Remember to specify your wire size at checkout. There’s a chart provided on the item page to help you choose.

bra packet2


Here is the large white kit made into a Marlborough:squarebra_8d329093-872f-4d03-b92e-e2d87e35391c-2

They have everything you need except the pattern. Which kit is your favorite?

Grey’s Great Holiday Gift Guide – for new sewists


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Hello to you! Can you believe we’re like halfway to Thanksgiving already? Tempus fugit and all that craziness. If you’re of the yuletime gift-giving persuasion, then you’ve probably started thinking about what thoughtful little somethings you can give to your loved ones. Hopefully our gift guide series will help you get less stressed about what to get for the sewists on your list. We’re starting today with our list for new sewists and also have guides planned for quilters, advanced sewists, fashion lovers, embroiderers, and for sewing with knits. Let’s get to it!

1. A sewing machine! This is a big ol’ purchase, but definitely worth it, especially if your sewist is struggling against his or her machine. We like the Smarter series a lot: they’re affordable, sturdy, and have a bunch of features that will set your sewist on the road to sewing stardom. It also helps that on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, our Smarter machines are on sale: $240 (220 floor model) for the Smarter 140 and $279 (260 floor model) for the Smarter 160.


2. Shears. Mundial makes a nice pair of shears and they won’t break the bank, either.


3. A cute pin cushion. This one harkens back to the classic tomato, but is updated with a fun rainbow twist.


4. Sewing tin. This is one of my faves. Retro yet modern and super sassy.


5. Pins. These come in a sweet little tin. Bonus!


6. Tape measure. You can never have too many of these, especially if a CERTAIN DOG KEEPS EATING THEM. Cough (Dart) cough.


7. Seam ripper. A sewist’s best friend.


8. Colette pattern book. Helpful tips and a plethora of patterns.


9. Get the Most From Your Sewing Machine. Goes especially well with gift #1!


10. Gift Certificate: give your sewist the gift of choice. Especially good for individuals who are particular about their sewing needs. Not that I’m one of those. Of course not. I’d never be picky about what I liked. Ever.


Ginger Jeans Sewalong – with PRIZES


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Aren’t we just the hostesses with the mostesses?? We’re sponsoring the By Hand London PatternHackathon AND Closet Case Files’ Ginger Jeans Sewalong contest.

We’re helping with the Grand Prize, along with other illustrious sponsors Craftsy and MA-local Pattern Review (perhaps you remember our little PR shindig? SO FUN!). Craftsy is doing a class on pants fitting, which sounds like it would be super helpful.


I’m starting my jeans this week – they’re all cut out of our High Stretch Denim from Robert Kaufman – so I’ll be sewing along, too! After all this bra sewing, I’ll be happy to stitch up something I can model without feeling extra self conscious. If only I could channel my spirit animal for bra pix…


Ambition Sale!


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The Pfaff Ambition Essential is on sale for the rest of the month here at Grey’s!

Normally this lovely little machine is $800, with a floor model price of $650, but in November it’s $599 with a floor model of $550! Huzzah! Also, from November 21st to 23rd, if you buy an Essential at $599, you get a free extension table. That little add-on is especially great for quilters, or anyone who needs a little more room on the left for larger projects.
The Essential is a fab machine for anyone who is getting a little more serious about their sewing, but doesn’t want to take out a second mortgage to buy a machine.

The IDT (Pfaff’s original dual feed system) helps all fabrics to feed evenly.

Automatic tie off is a blessing for when that little bit of backtacking will mangle your fabric’s delicate sensibilities.

Multiple buttonhole stitches give some delightful variation – how about a keyhole buttonhole on your new Ginger Jeans?? Sweet.

Multiple LED lights make things nice and bright, which is a dream when you’re up at 2AM insomnia-sewing. We’ve all been there.

The Essential accepts Pfaff’s fancy feet. I could just go on for days about my favorites. In fact, I should do a post on them! Stay tuned.


Anyone remember my video from when the Essential came out? Boy was my hair ever long!

In a nutshell, this is a great machine. It would make a lovely gift, or you could USE IT TO MAKE LOVELY GIFTS. See what I did there? Heh.

Drop me a line with any questions, or visit the shop to give it a whirl! No cost, no obligation. Because everyone should have a machine that works for them, not against them.

A Post-SOWA Life


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Now that winter is extending its icy fingers towards all of our spines and the SOWA Market is no longer starting at 10AM every Sunday, we’re adjusting our hours:



See you soon, sweet sewists.