Creative Performance Super Clearance


Apr 4, 2014 pfaff, sewing machines 0 Comments

This spring clearance sale has, perhaps, made me a little cleaning-crazy. This has manifested in putting Aeryn the Creative Performance floor model on even more of a super sale than otherwise would have been. The Creative Performance normally goes for $4000, but if you catch our lovely Aeryn the floor model between April 6th and 12th, then she’ll be only $2400. If you also want an embroidery unit, the package would come to $3300. (The unit retails for $1500).


Here’s a rundown on the machines we have left:

Creative Performance, normally $4000, super sale: $2400

Embroidery Unit, normally $1500, super sale: $900

Ambition 1.5, normally $1300, super sale: $750

Ambition Essential, normally $800, super sale: $487.50

Coverlock 4.0, normally $1800, super sale: $1050

Smarter 140, normally $350, super sale: $225

Smarter 160, normally $400, super sale: $262.50

Hope to see you soon, sweetlings!


Grey’s Fiberarts Presents: Proper Use of a Spindle


Apr 1, 2014 Other crafts 0 Comments

Enjoy our latest tutorial!


Spindle is a very serious-looking dog. She really does enjoy smooches. Promise.

April is also National Adopt a Greyhound Month! Take a trip to your local rescue (Dart and Spindle are both from Greyhound Friends in Hopkinton) and make a fast friend. They’re only the bestest dogs ever.

Spring Cleaning Sale


Mar 28, 2014 0 Comments

Hello, lovelies. Even though it feels like Spring has abandoned us, it has, nonetheless, arrived. That means that it’s time for a nice big ol’ spring cleaning chez Grey’s. April 6-12 you can help us clean the shop by buying some stuff at a nice discount. The discount applies to sewing machines, too. Even floor models, because heck, why not?


Stop by and help us clean, no elbow grease required :D

This discount is only good in the physical store, though, not online. You Greater Boston residents are some lucky ducks!

By Hand London’s Kickstarter


Mar 26, 2014 0 Comments

Hey, y’all. One of my fave pattern companies, By Hand London, is branching out and they need your help! They’re looking to print custom fabric and with their fashion-forward style, I’m sure that it will be tops. Watch the video and head over to Kickstarter to give them a boost towards their goal!

Flash Your Pfaff!


Mar 5, 2014 pfaff, sewing machines 0 Comments


Looking at Instagram the other day, I noticed that it was bereft of my fave sewing machine brand. BEREFT, I say.

Pfaff makes such great machines and are currently underrepresented in the world of social media. In exchange for your help making sure Pfaff gets all newfangled, I’ll give you a present: a fancy foot! Instagram your Pfaff machine and tag it appropriately. Then come in the shop to pick up your reward. (You do have to come in to get it, since I am contractually barred from shipping Pfaff merchandise.) I bought several gems to choose from and I know you’ll love them. I’m planning on doing some mini videos on each of them as well.

Show me your Pfaffs, friends!


Manual Dexterity


Feb 22, 2014 About the site, pfaff 0 Comments

A new feature here on the Grey’s website: Pfaff machine manuals! Have you bought a machine from us only to have your pet weasel eat your beloved manual? Ordering a paper copy is weirdly expensive. $30? No thanks. Well fear not, sweet sewists, you can now find a nifty PDF of your manual RIGHT HERE. On our new manuals page (conveniently linked in the blog sidebar) you can find electronic versions of any machine we have ever sold. We don’t currently have ALL the Pfaff manuals ever made, but we’ll think about it, if you all are in need.


If something on your machine starts behaving strangely, the manual is usually your best first resource. As always, drop me a line if you got a Pfaff from us and just can’t figure out a feature. We are here for you, dearlings!

Smarter Sewing Machine Sneak Peek!


Feb 14, 2014 sewing machines 1 Comment

I am going to let you in on a li’l secret,  sewists. These babies don’t get officially released until the beginning of March, but we’ve got a pair in the shop and I just had to share them with you. The new machines are Smarter 160 and 140, sweet and petite mechanical machines that are great for beginners and sewists on the go. They’re replacing the Hobby 1132 and 1122. My first Pfaff (gateway drug??) was an 1122 (named Alice) and she’s still kicking it as my home machine. These are a step up, I’d say (cover your ears, Alice). They take the AWESOME Pfaff feet, have brighter LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs, neat0 grip knobs and sturdy levers, presser foot pressure control, auto-threader, and extra toothy feed dogs for grabbing recalcitrant fabric. They’re not as smooth as my current machine, Aeryn the Creative Performance, but since their MSRPs are  $350 and $300 instead of $6000, I’d say that is A-ok!

Here are some shots of the new cuties, which I’ve taken to calling them the SweeTarts. Once you see their coloring, you’ll get why!






Now I’m going to tell you a little something that Pfaff may not want to hear, so no tattling on me. These machines are in the “Smarter” series, basically just means they’re made in a different factory from the rest of the lines. However, the last Smarter machine was, in my opinion, a lemon. It was kind of expensive and felt flimsy to me and I all-around didn’t like it. They discontinued it and I cheered inside. I was worried that these new fellas would follow in the footsteps of that other machine, but – thank GAWD- they don’t. They’re reasonably priced, sew a smooth stitch, and feel like the solid machine I’d expect from Pfaff. So, yay! Sweet as candy, non? How about that 1/4″ line on the bobbin cover. How did no one think of that before??

I hope I don’t get in trouble for spilling the beans on these machines; the only info I’ve seen on the web so far is a video in French:

This is a really cute concept and I’m glad that Pfaff is breaking out of their normal sexagenarian demographic into a more sex-ay one! Heh. I’m hilarious.

I hope you’ve liked this little peek and will come in sometime to give the new Smarter line a whirl! Stay tuned for more Pfaffy goodness like our Flash Your Pfaff Instagram giveaway and Hemlocks and Hobbylocks Party, coming soon. Ciao for niao, SweeTarts.

Free Tees for Meees!


Jan 11, 2014 sewing clothes, sewing machines 2 Comments

Holy free tees, Batman! While I have found that the tee that fits me the best so far is the Renfrew, there are some smokin’ new free patterns out there to give it a run for its money!

First up, Grainline’s Hemlock. This one-size-fits all baby really does seem to look great on everyone! Its boxy, slouchy silhouette is casual-cool and so easy to wear. I stitched this one up in our seaglass blue bamboo jersey and then dyed it using our Dylon dye in Velvet Black and a pyrex. Mixed with table salt, per the instructions, let it sit over night and WAAH-LAHH! I’ve also made one in a black burnout damask jersey, which I also love. Next up, maybe a sweatshirt version?


As I type this, I am wearing Cake’s Blank Canvas Tee as my first layer. Two pieces! Built in sleeve! Doesn’t get easier than this, folks. I slimmed this down a bit because I’m a fan of negative ease. Doesn’t that sound like a band name? Now playing —  NEGATIVE EASE!! Though if Ashley and I ever start a band, I think we’d be the Russian Reds, after the most wearable red lipstick ever.

Last but not least is Deer and Doe’s newest offering, the Plantain! I made one up yesterday afternoon in no time flat. I used our cotton/spandex jersey in silver. It’s got a little swing at the bottom, which is great for camouflaging my wintertime tummy.


The main reason I’ve been zipping through these knits is our current machine setup. We have a Hobbylock 2.0 (MSRP: $550, Floor Model $450) set up to serge and a Coverlock 4.0 (MSRP $1800, Floor Model $1400) set up to do a fancy-pants coverstitch. Man is this machine smooth and quiet. Twin needles are ok, but I’ve never been able to get a parallel stitch that looks quite right, so having a whole machine dedicated to it is a real treat. I discovered two projects that were 90% finished in a box and the Coverlock helped me get the motivation to finish them.


coverlock stitches

January is usually the time when I rebel against the culture of GOAL SETTING FRESH START OMG GET FIT NOW!!! that I guess sells lots of self-help books. My only actual resolution is to drink more water. Same every year. However, I am guilty of startitis. Oh, you know, that thing when you start those Jedediah Pants and then have fabric left so you start a Moss Mini, and there’s that coat you can’t wear until it warms up, so why bother working on it, right?  Plus all the forgotten little things (ahem tee shirts lost in the knit scraps box…) So, I want to work on my follow-through. I guess this is a good intention to set for the year: not just to start things or, worse yet, to be afraid to start things at all for fear that they won’t be perfect. So here’s my New Year’s intention/non-resolution/whatever:

Done is Better Than Perfect.

So there.